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December 15th, 2023, Venue: TBC Hyderabad.
The innovative Company
Awards 2023
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Why Should We Nominate Our Business

The Innovative Company Awards 2023 is a highly prestigious event that celebrates the achievements of the brightest and most innovative companies from around the world. The event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business’s unique qualities and be recognized for your innovative contributions to your industry.


The Innovative Company Awards 2023 will recognize companies across various industries. By submitting your nomination, you can demonstrate your commitment to pushing boundaries and driving change within your industry.


This is your chance to show the world what makes your business stand out and how you are making a positive impact on the world.


Recognition & Exposure

Participating in the awards ceremony can bring significant attention to your business, increase its visibility to potential customers, investors, and partners, and help position your company as a leader in your industry

Validation & Motivation

Being recognized for your innovative solutions and hard work can validate your efforts and provide motivation to continue pushing the boundaries in your industry.

Networking & Opportunities

The awards ceremony provides an opportunity for businesses to network and connect with other companies, investors, and industry leaders, which can open up new opportunities for growth and success.

Community & Legacy

By being part of the awards ceremony, you can join a community of innovative companies and be a part of shaping the future. Your participation will leave a lasting impact and demonstrate your commitment to driving change and making a positive impact in the world.


Event Speakers

Prayukth K V

Prayukth K V

CMO at Sectrio
    Dr. Asit K Barma

    Dr. Asit K Barma

    Director & Professor at BIM
      Chuck Brooks

      Chuck Brooks

      Cyber Expert & Influencer
        Vinod Kumar P

        Vinod Kumar P

        CEO/Architect of Gold ATMs

          Recognizing the future of


          1. Media and PR Visibility:
          Winning The Innovative Company Awards grants startups increased media and press release visibility. This boosts their brand recognition, reaches a wider audience, and draws attention to their innovations.

          2. Exclusive Speaking Opportunities:
          As a winner, startups are invited as a speaker or exclusive sponsor in all our events, offering a platform to showcase their cutting-edge solutions and connect with industry leaders.

          3. Establishing Market Leadership:
          Winning the Innovative Company Award cements market leadership, adding credibility and differentiation. This attracts customers, investors, and partnerships to support growth, providing a competitive advantage.

          Advantages for

          Winners, Runners & Exclusive Categories


          If you have any questions, reach out to us on contact@thecconnects.com




          • Speaking Opportunity, Meetings, Booth, Panel Spot, Contacts, Digital Presence etc.




          • Speaking Opportunity, Meetings, Contacts, Digital Presence etc.




          • Booth, Contacts, Digital Presence (Emails & PR) etc.

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